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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  July 31, 2013 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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i'm beth troutman and it is time for the best videos of the day, "right this minute." video of a brawl near the beach has the people wondering if the right guys were arrested. >> but new video of the incident has surfaced. >> see what it shows that could change everything. it was a sports injury so bad -- his teammates couldn't even look. >> oh. it is all going to wrong direction.
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>> and now hear how one tough rugby dude is already talking comeback. more video of the tornadoes in italy with scenes that are -- >> pretty darn amazing. >> how they were running for cover when the storms coll up quick. and these guys repossess planes and yachts from the super rich. >> oh, you don't have any authorization for this. >> and now one of the airplane repo stars tells us about playing a dangerous game. >> and answering the phone, and might be fed to a crocodile. >> you are one of the most interesting people ever. and by now you may have seen this video. this is crazy viral and shot outside of a bar in fort lauderdale, florida, called dirty blonds.
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the two men involved in this video has caused discussion online because they were arrested. >> what were they arrested for, because it looks like they got their butt kicked. >> well, there was facebook page to boycott the restaurant because they felt these two were wrongly arrested, but a new video surfaced that showed what happened after the fight. you see alexander and the blood on his face, and he is arguing with the bouncers still standing there, and listen to the guys behind the camera. >> yo, take your ass and you are making it worse here. the cops are going to to come. that is what i am saying. >> and the cops were called in and you see alexander confront the police officer and when the police were called to the scene, they didn't know anything about the first video. according to the police report they said that alexander was cussing at the officers and threatening harm. you see him kind of slinging the officer's arm away and that is when the officer pushes him back.
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>> the guy in the video that we are hearing is right, he already got beat up by the bouncers and now he is trying to get beaten up by the cops. >> now the video shows both of them in handcuffs and alexander was arrested. he was charged with battery and disorderly conduct. david was not arrested in this moment, but given a trespassing warning. according to reports an hour later he went back and came inside and started another arrived the second time, he tried to run from t cops. they did chase him down, and then he was charged with disorderly conduct and also charged with resisting arrest, but it turns out that the only reason they were ar retsed is because of the contact they had with police and not because of the altercation with the bouncers. >> could the bouncers get in trouble, too, because it seems they were aggressive against them initially? >> it is possible that the bouncers could still face charges. sgl it is not uncommon for
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tornados to touch down in italy, and we have amazing videos to show you. here you are seeing video from milan and there are lots of individu video from the internet, but we got angles that are amazing. >> we got the videos from a youtube report er what you are seeing here are strong winds that are moving the trees not vertical, but horizontal here. >>are ready to see a car or cow fly by. >> yes, 12 people were injured, but no fatal tis reported. >> my goodness. >> yeah. i would not want to be close to that window. you know, it is makeing for a great video for us to watch, but man, i would not want to be anywhere near that window. >> those first videos were from milan, but this is from san remo which is about 40 minutes southwest of milan and pay
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attention to the ping-pong table. we have a ping-pong table here at "right this minute," and i have discovered it is not that light. and there goes the table. >> nevermind the table, so does everything else, too, and those guys are standing right there. >> yes, it is almost picking the guys up, and they are getting blown away. >> get in the little pink house for cover. >> they dodged a lot of debris, because there was a ton of stuff flying right at them. they are lucky. they are lucky. visitors from australia where a 77-year-old man quote flipped from the brake pedal and on to the gas and ends up running into a battery store. ironically there is a big sign in front of the spot he was trying to park in. >> this always happens, but we are happy to catch it on camera more. >> yeah, he was apprehended. police are considering charging him with careless driving charges. fortunately, nobody was injured. it was just a big ah shucks!
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moment. talk about coming to an abrupt stop, the driver in this truck seems to have a crane. as he is driving you knows they the road curves to the left, and it seems like the driver with the crane has the right-of-way except for the bus coming up seems to be like, nope. >> oh, man. >> and ends up ramming the crane into the bus and shattering the windshield and this bus is full of people including at least one child. everybody seems to be okay. you do to see that the stoplight is green, but i'm not sure who it is green for. >> i think that it is the crane driver's fault, but if you pull in front of somebody, that person has the right-of-way. ticket to the crane driver, if i was the rushing cop. i would not want to be riding in either one of your cars now. injury on the rugby field and when your teammates are reacting like this, you know it is going to be bad. it almost looks like the guys
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a are going to lose their lunch, and that means that the injury will gruesome. >> you are going to show it? >> yes, i will show it to you. this is martin in south africa and going in for the tackle playing for the blue team. you see the right leg right there. >> oh, oh! that is going in all of the wrong directions. >> pay attention to the stripe on the sock by his waist. the sock he is wearing is by his waist. this is during a gray college in gray high rugby matchup. listen to the sound. >> and now sending it out -- >> almost sounds like you can hear the popping. martin on the right leg broke his tibia and fibula. >> and it is so bad that his teammates can't go help him there, because they cannot stomach it enough to go help the buddy.
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>> the refs walks away and everybody leaves the poor guy there and you feel bad for him. now he did talk to a radio station balls radio in south africa. >> and i saw my leg in a perpendicular line, and i knew that something was wrong. >> and he was taken to the hospital swiftly treated and successful surgery, and he will make a full recovery and once he rehabs, he will be back on the fie field. rugby is a tough sport and you have to be tough, man, but that is tough to watch. police show up to nab a suspect, but things get scary when -- >> a barrage of bullets come out of two of the officers' guns, and you see the cars trying to speed away. >> the story behind the shootout next. and johnny gets creative when waking up his roommate. >> tell me this isn't hysterical, and this is the du
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we are riding along with the wisconsin police officer who approaches two more officers who have boxed in a suspect who they believe has outstanding warrants. this happened june 11th and the video just released. the officer pulls over to lend a hand to the two other fellow officers who are standing beside the white car. those two cars are in front of and behind the white car are unmarked police cars trying the get the suspect out of the car by breaking the windows. b baptiste, the suspect, refuses to get out of of the car, and watch what happens next. >> oh, no. >> a barrage of bullets come out of two of the officers' guns, and you can see the cars trying to speed away, but immediately
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crashes to the inside of the building and then you hear a scream, and the officers did shoot backbatista, and he did not survive the shooting. he was wanted for a recent shooting issued with a warrant. >> and was it blocked off? >> well, you do see the black truck there in the vicinity, but the police opened up fire because they believed that baptiste was trying to run over the sergeant in the front left when he squeezes out of the blockade, he is going out of the car and in their mind that is using deadly force. the police officer ruled that the officers used a deadly force that was both lethal and appropriate.
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there are a few ways to wake up in the morning on alarm clocks, and then there is your buddy johnny. >> hi, johnny bongo here, and this is my top 100 ways to wake sean. >> johnny has taken it upon himself to wake up his buddy sean in 100 different ways. this is way number 11. and of course, he blasted ike and tina turner's version of "proud mary." ♪ working for the man every night and day ♪ >> oh. >> gyrating hips and everything. >> this takes business. >> and listen to the hysterical girls. >> tell me this isn't hysterical. >> i love this man. >> we have johnny and sean and he has skyped "right this minute" all of the way from the uk.
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sean, are you in on this? >> i am not in on it whatsoever. i know it is going to happen, on't know when. >> after this second, maybe the third time, why not put a lock on your door? >> very good question. >> so, johnny, where did this whole thing come from? >> well, the idea was behind it, but he works late and sleeps in and i wanted to wake him up, and that is what it is about. and it is cool, i like it. >> how many of these have you done so far sh. >> so far i have done 13 or 14. johnny bongo here today and it is number 13. >> balloon! >> no, eh. >> how close of friends are you, because you are waking a dude up, and dudes don't like to be woken up. >> well, we are still best friends, and there was a time -- there was a time when it was a good solid friendship, yeah.
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>> it was a good solid friendship, and you have ruined it. >> i have not ruined it? >> you have destroyed all of the trust. >> oh, no. there is no trust left. >> there is nothing left. i secretly hate you. >> how do you feel, kid? singing backwards so when it is played backwards it is going to sound right. >> this is going to make your brain hurt. >> see how it makes sense "right this minute." and still to come, it is not your average camp video. >> listen up, ladies. >> i don't know what to add here. >> we will tell you what this video is really about. and remember the girl who had a fan meltdown. >> i am so disappointed in the redskins right now. >> this video has gone super viral so let the parodies begin. >> i
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it is time for rtm give away. >> and what do you think about giving away one of these? >> we are giving you guys a chance to win one. >> just head over to and click on the butter of facebook or twitter to win. >> click to win an rtm t-shirt. >> do it. when you don't pay your bills they take your stuff away like your car or house.
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but what about the pricey items? a plane or yacht. that is where the guys from airplane ree poe come on. shown on discovery channel and you can check it out thursdays 10:00 p.m. eastern and pacific, and these guys are after wealthy people who have fallen behind on the bills. >> what are you doing to my plane? you don't have authorization for this. >> your airplane has been repossessed. >> you see on the show how these guys put themselves in all sor s s of dangerous possessions. >> repossessing from the rich and wealthy is not easy. >> one of the repo men is mike kennedy who is joining us "right this minute" via skype to tell us about this. tell us about the high-risk scenarios that you put yourself in. >> well, the worst are out of the u.s., because in the u.s.,
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you have court documents and you can rectify the situation, but the last place you want to end up is a jail cell in colombia, because that is an experience. >> what to you do? >> well, it is more than being a pilot, because you have to be a private investigator and when you are retrieveling it and picking up an airplane on the other side of the world or whatever, you have to assess the airworthiness. >> and you have to see if there is enough fuel on there. >> and you cannot believe how many airplanes i have gone after that i have never seen before. >> what is the craziest confrontation? >> i was on the ground with a gun on the back of my head in colombia wondering if anybody would find me again. and the other one was that i had to steal from the honduran air force and i had to have a diversion to rescue the airplane, and that was another one. >> and mike, tell us about your nickname, because you are known as the lone wolf of luxury repos. >> well, the other guys all work in teams and i work mostly by
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myself. >> and mike, you have an interesting side job. >> yes, in fact, i came in scampering in to answer the phone, and i was out feeding the crocodile. >> tell us about that. >> i have a small sanctuary crocodile farm here, and i have some rare cobras and big cats. i have a leopard and cougar. >> mike, you are maybe the most interesting man in the world. mike, we appreciate your hanging out with us thursdays we will be checking you out on the discovery channel. awesome stuff, man. it is summertime and kids go to camp, and they want to be popular. but this one girl found out that she was the low person on the totem pole. >> i'm a big random loser. >> until she was the camp dino. >> is that like gynecologist. >> and then things changed. i got my period.
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h this is great. >> she is the first one at the c camp to have her period and she is telling everybody else what to expect. >> i'm joan of arc, and your source and shield. >> are you sure this is not a -- steven and i should -- >> you like women, right? you need to know and understand this stuff. >> i understand, but i feel weird watching kids talk about it. >> well, in is a promotional campaign for hello which is a website that women of all ages can go to the get a care package about the same time they get their cycle and it includes tampons and panty liners and even candy. >> i don't know what to add here. this is like dollar shave club for chicks. you get the essentials in the mail. >> except it is not quite as much fun as dollar shave club. >> and you get candy in the box. >> if you want to see the whole thing uncut go to our website
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full screen accelerate, and instead of using all kinds of cool music, the videographer and editor used a zoom hd audio reco recorder so you hear and feel what it is like to go down the mountain. >> it makes it feel more dangerous. >> it is more real. >> they don't need the extra music to give us the experience of what is it like. >> tickling a merecat.
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you guys remember this video, and we had it on our show a few days ago, redskins super fan you could call her who was not satisfied with her trip to training camp. >> i'm so disappointed in the redskins right now. i've been a fan my whole life and i didn't care what player autograph i got, but i just wanted one. >> this has gone super viral and let the parodies begin. >> i hope they are better to watch than her. >> oh, i have been asleep at 4:00 in the morning and now it is in the afternoon, and i could not get it. >> he has the sticky saliva going on, too, and could not do it. >> he has it down pat and it is quite entertaining.
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>> and i don't know who the players are anymore, and i'm so heartbroken, because they did not come where i was standing. i was right in the front. everybody could see me. >> this is our good friend big cheese kiss and he made the first appearance on the show with this video. ♪ kitty kitty >> this made us a fan since, and now is so funny. >> i've always been a redskins' fan. that's our show. we will see you for the next that's our show. we will see you for the next edition of "right this minute." -- captions by vitac --
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hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. if you are looking for the best individu videos from the web, this is the show for you, "right this minute." rescuers track the sounds of someone lost in the woods for five days. the remarkable story of getting grandma out alive. a train commuter is stretched out -- >> and also listening to some mus music. >> and why lying down did not sit well with another passenger. some raccoon babies are stranded. >> just below the stairs. >> how mama pulls the old grab and


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